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Accountancy practice generates 149 leads a month

Cost per Lead: $33.46 per lead (average)
Number of Leads: 149 leads a month (average)
Plan: $5,000 a month
Platform: Facebook & Instagram, Google
Length: Customer for over 9 Months


The accountancy industry in the United Kingdom is thriving thanks to long-term investment and a consistent capacity to attract high-quality personnel, resulting in one of the world’s greatest concentrations of accountancy professionals. Many of the world’s major corporations have operations in London, making the UK a leading market for accountancy and the ideal location for individuals and businesses of all sizes to access financial knowledge across a wide range of services.

Revenue Machine continues to help a business in the Accountancy sector generate a monthly average of 149 leads per month, averaging $33.46 per lead. The business opted for our Plus Plan, and we have worked with the client for a period of 9 months so far.

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