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CCTV Business generates leads at ~$22 per lead

Cost per Lead: $22.34 per lead (average)
Number of Leads: 447 leads a month (average)
Plan: $10,000 a month
Platform: Facebook & Instagram, Google, Bing
Length: Customer for over 5 Months


With over 2,000 businesses operating in the sector, industry revenue in the CCTV and Alarms industry is predicted to expand at a compound annual rate of 2% over the next five years, to slightly under $1.5 billion in 2021-22. Concerns about national security, as well as an increase in crime rates across the UK, have fuelled demand for security alarm systems over the last few years. The government has outsourced monitoring tasks to operators in the Security System Services business as pressure on public-sector services has increased.

At an average cost of $22.34 per lead with a budget of $10,000 per month, Revenue Machine helped a CCTV and Alarms business quickly acquire leads using our tested lead generation methods. We outperformed all of their other lead suppliers by over 130%.

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