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COVID Cleaners generates leads at $9.66 per lead

Cost per Lead: $37.77 per lead (average)
Number of Leads: 80 leads a month (average)
Plan: $3,000 a month
Platform: Facebook & Instagram
Length: Customer for a few months


The cleaning sector provides $55.5 billion to the UK economy each year, according to latest figures from the BCC (British Cleaning Council). The cleaning industry employs about 957,000 people and generates a large number of jobs. If we include other jobs that require some level of cleaning (such as hospitality), the total number rises to nearly 1.6 million, or 5% of the entire employment in the UK. Coronavirus has disturbed the cleaning industry while also putting it under intense scrutiny, with firms from the top to the lowest having an opinion on hygiene and workplace cleanliness.

At Revenue Machine, we helped a new start-up business in the sector gain an average of 80 leads per month at an average cost of $37.77 per lead. We worked with the business for a few months on our Rise Plan.

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