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Global hotel chain generated thousands of leads

Cost per Lead: $18.09 per lead (average)
Number of Leads: 553 leads a month (average)
Plan: $10,000 a month
Platform: Google, Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin
Length: Customer for over 9 Months


As part of a larger travel and tourism sector, the worldwide hotel business has enjoyed an increase in both RevPAR (revenue per available room) and rooms supply for the previous nine years, driven by strong economic fundamentals. It also has a significant economic impact, accounting for one out of every ten jobs worldwide.The global hotel sector is worth $525 billion dollars. There are 18 million rooms in the sector; a total of 54% of rooms are linked to a global brand or a branded regional chain.

Revenue Machine helped a global hotel brand in this sector generate an average of 553 leads per month, with an average of $18.09 per lead using our Bronze plan. We have worked with the client for 9 months, during that time generating bespoke leads for the client targeting the business marketing, becoming essential to the company’s enduring success in the business part of their sector.

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