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Conservatory business generates leads for $26 a lead

Cost per Lead: $26 per lead (average)
Number of Leads: 192 leads a month (average)
Plan: $5,000 a month
Platform: Facebook & Instagram
Length: Customer for over 11 Months


In the United Kingdom, the conservatory and glass business is booming. Conservatories are popular among homeowners because they provide additional room and allow them to personalise their houses. Despite the uncertainty that the present political scenario has added to the mix, construction is not faltering as much as we had anticipated. With the continual demand for personal houses and businesses continuing to expand, the glazing sector has skyrocketed to previously unheard-of heights.

At an average cost of $26 per lead with a budget of $5,000 per month, Revenue Machine helped a new business to the sector quickly acquire leads using our tested customer generation methods.

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