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William Alexander Logs generated over $550,000 in additional revenue

Sales Generated: Over $550,000
Cost per sale: $7.41 per sale
Plan: Enterprise
Platform: Facebook & Instagram, Google, Bing
Length: Customer for over 3 Years


The desire for sophisticated log stoves is fueling fast growth in the firewood market. According to the Stove Alliance Industry (SIA), over 200,000 UK homeowners installed wood burning stoves last year, an increase of 20% year on year. A wood burning stove is 77 percent less expensive to run than a comparable output electric fire, 29 percent less expensive than gas, 43 percent less expensive than oil, and 50 percent less expensive than LPG, according to the company. The consequences for the firewood industry are all positive. There will be chances to take over the commercial management of additional existing forests for woodfuel production, as well as to plant and produce new commercial woodlands, resulting in the establishment of successful commercial woodfuel firms.

Using a Custom Plan, Revenue Machine helped a new business in the sector generate over $500k, with an average spend of $7.41 per sale. We worked with the client for a few years, and in that time saw a rapid period of expansion and growth for the company.

Alex Jones (owner) says “Without Revenue Machine I wouldn’t have been able to grow my business to the same level or the same speed. They have been an absolutely amazing partner to work with.”

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