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Will Writing business generates leads at ~$33

Cost per Lead: $33.77 per lead (average)
Number of Leads: 444 leads a month (average)
Plan: $15,000 a month
Platform: Google, Bing
Length: Customer for over 9 Months


In recent years, the will writing industry has seen a number of changes because will writing services are not considered “reserved legal activities”, there has been an inflow of providers entering the market over the last decade, many of whom have begun to threaten the supremacy of the conventional public solution – high street solicitors. Wills and probate are still skewed toward older customers, and law firms and solicitors continue to be the most common source of assistance.

At Revenue Machine, we have helped numerous will writing businesses in the sector. In this particular case study we helped a business gain an average of 444 leads per month at an average cost of $33.77 per lead. We worked with the business for 9 months under our Silver Plan, in that time the company experienced a rapid growth of customers and expansion.

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